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URGENT, JOB VACANCY : Wizard / Witch job, full-time, night schedules !
It's not a joke, it's absolutely not wizard games - witch games...but a real job for you.

Temporary employment agency looks for Wizard / Witch to destroy an evil spirit / ghost in a distant/ remote village.
Basic magic skills required + advanced techniques training in the field.
This position demand an independent work, to accept night schedules, and above all, to not be frightened by nocturnal monsters !
If you meet favorably to criterions, and if you like cast spells outside, far from magic workshop, don't hesitate and apply for this job and join a young motivated team of sorcerers.

Career advancement's possibilities, can lead to « Major Wizard » post to the end of the contract.

Conjuring / Magic licence required !

No company pot, candidate have to work with his own tools / equipment !

To apply, install this magic spells game, and become the best wizard/witch oh the world.

Slide you finger on the screen to throw your bouncing magic spells and destroy enemies. Raise as much as possible, bat's wings and ghost's essence to get new spells, to increase their magic power and finally to get the highest score in the global ranking. Be careful !

Time is against you, catch « timers » if you don't want to die before time. Do the cleaning among you enemies with magic « storms », that sweep away everything.

You want to send us your feedbacks and feelings to help us to improve this spells game or to join beta testers and try new version before everyone ??? Join us on : « http://www.bouncyspells.makeyourvideogame.com» or write us at : mafabrik2jeux@gmail.com

★ Original gameplay, easy and funny
★ Cast spells
★ 5 different bouncing magic spells
★ 4 evolution's level for each magic spell
★ Raise ingredients and buy new magic spells
★ Avoid ghosts
★ Control time with « timers » and « chrono spell »
★ Use items « storm » to destroy enemies and platforms
★ Beat global « hight scores » and win even more ingredients !
★ Visit the global ranking on : «http://www.bouncyspells.makeyourvideogame.com »

v 1.8.9

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